Why Aus Business College?

Aus Business College (ABC) specialises in developing client-specific training solutions to better position your organisation for growth and improved productivity.

ABC leverages our collective 100+ years of industry experience and work collaboratively with you to transition toward a stronger and more capable workforce using our proprietary ABC System.

No workforce remains static and no workplace environment succeeds without embracing new and improved skills. At ABC we give you our assurance our training packages are government certified and compliant, and are customised to future proof your workforce.

We guarantee transparent transition to the future workforce capability of the employer, and through our engagement with Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) ensure employees who successfully complete their training receive industry recognised and accredited credentials.


Designed to get you qualified...

ABC owns the majority of the materials we deliver. But what does this mean for you?

It means that while being fully compliant to ASQA’s standards, we have control over how our materials appear. Most RTO’s license their materials from a third party, and as a result have little flexibility over how it is delivered? Want to print your learning materials? You can with us.